Creative Director Designer

Behind the Wheel. Ahead of the Curve.

GT Carts is a golf cart deal­er in cen­tral Indi­ana, spe­cial­iz­ing in cus­tomized recre­ation­al carts. What start­ed as a side busi­ness for the own­ers quick­ly turned seri­ous when we began our Behind the Wheel, Ahead of the Curve cam­paign. Deliv­er­ables includ­ed a new web­site, print ad, bill­boards and show­room posters, all designed to play up the fun you can have with a cus­tom recre­ation­al golf cart. Since our efforts, busi­ness is boom­ing, with sales com­ing in from all over the mid­west, and they have opened a sec­ond show­room loca­tion to keep up with demand. Vis­it the web­site.

My Role

Art Direc­tion, Logo Design, Design, Web Design, Web Devel­op­ment, Copy Writing 


GT Carts

Produced at Davis Harrison Dion.

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